Home Business 50-year stint at one company: The sole regret of a 68-year-old engineer.

50-year stint at one company: The sole regret of a 68-year-old engineer.

50-year stint at one company: The sole regret of a 68-year-old engineer.

Kip Turner joined AT&T at the age of 18 without a bachelor’s degree and has spent his entire 50-year career with the company. He started as a station installer and has held various roles during his tenure. Turner advises young professionals not to let education requirements hinder them from applying to jobs that interest them. Despite not having a formal degree, Turner has attended numerous training courses throughout his career and wishes he had taken advantage of AT&T’s education benefits to complete an engineering degree. The company now offers up to $30,000 in tuition reimbursement for eligible employees. Turner’s on-the-job learning has been invaluable, and he plans to continue working until his retirement, which is expected to be around age 70 or beyond.

In addition to his advice about education, Turner also encourages young employees to make the most of the training and education opportunities offered by their companies. Many employers now provide tuition assistance as a work perk, with 48% offering undergraduate or graduate tuition assistance according to a survey. Turner acknowledges that finding time to go back to school can be challenging, especially with personal and business responsibilities. Despite still having access to college benefits, he doesn’t see himself pursuing a degree at this stage in his life. Instead, he plans to continue his career and take advantage of the knowledge and experience he has gained through hands-on learning at AT&T.

Recently, Turner’s role has shifted to supporting the public sector and defense account team, leading him to work in interesting locations such as building a wireless system on a retired Navy destroyer in California. He values the specific knowledge he has acquired in wireless and cellular engineering through his hands-on experience. Turner’s dedication to continuous learning and adapting to new roles has allowed him to thrive in his long-standing career at AT&T.

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