Home Business Airbus Appoints Sales Chief Scherer as CEO of Planemaking Arm

Airbus Appoints Sales Chief Scherer as CEO of Planemaking Arm

Airbus Appoints Sales Chief Scherer as CEO of Planemaking Arm

Airbus has announced the appointment of Christian Scherer as the CEO of its core planemaking operation. This move marks the return of dedicated leadership to the company’s main business after four years and comes as Airbus increases its jet production. With Scherer taking over as Commercial Aircraft CEO, Guillaume Faury, the group CEO who has been handling both roles since 2019, will be able to focus on steering the group in a rapidly evolving global environment. The appointment reflects the company’s commitment to continuity and stability in its commercial arm, which accounts for about 70% of its revenues and competes with Boeing. Airbus plans to deliver 720 jets this year and increase its single-aisle jet output by 50% to 75 planes a month by 2026.

The shake-up at Airbus comes at a time when the aerospace industry is experiencing disruptions in the global supply chain. However, the company remains optimistic about meeting its operational objectives and navigating these challenges. The appointment of Scherer also allows for some renewal of operational leadership within the company, as it prepares for approaching retirements. It is worth noting that while this move brings back a separate planemaking CEO, Airbus is not recreating two separate entities or re-creating the turbulent dynamics of its former parent company, EADS. Airbus insists that it has moved beyond that era and is focused on alignment, execution speed, and maintaining a unified structure.

Analysts believe that the split of roles will provide more management time to address critical topics such as supply chains, the Franco-German fighter program, and military strategy. The appointment of Scherer as the planemaking CEO underscores Airbus’ commitment to maintaining stability and continuity in its core business as it faces disruption in the industry and navigates a rapidly changing global environment.

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