Home Business BMW recalls nearly 400,000 cars with Takata airbags.

BMW recalls nearly 400,000 cars with Takata airbags.

BMW recalls nearly 400,000 cars with Takata airbags.

BMW is recalling nearly 394,000 older vehicles due to faulty air bags that could potentially explode during deployment, causing metal fragments to be ejected towards the driver. The affected vehicles include specific BMW 3 Series Sedans and Sportswagon models manufactured between 2006 and 2011. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is particularly concerned that some vehicles may have been modified by owners with performance steering wheels that utilize Takata air bags, which are now defunct.

This latest recall adds to the ongoing safety issues associated with Takata air bags, which led to the company filing for bankruptcy in 2017 and subsequent recalls by various auto manufacturers. The inflaters in the older air bags can experience excessive internal pressure, leading to ruptures and the release of dangerous metal fragments. Despite BMW not receiving any reports of accidents or injuries related to this steering wheel issue, NHTSA is notifying dealers about the problem, who will then contact owners by August 23.

Millions of vehicles are still on the road with Takata air bags, as removing them entirely from previously sold vehicles has proven challenging for auto manufacturers. With the likelihood of ruptures in these aging air bags increasing significantly, experts warn about the potential for future tragedies if these defective components are not addressed promptly. As of May 2024, an estimated 6.4 million vehicles in the United States still have Takata air bags installed, highlighting the urgency of addressing this ongoing safety concern.

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