Home Business Cat wins Hambone Award for surviving sofa bed mishap

Cat wins Hambone Award for surviving sofa bed mishap

Cat wins Hambone Award for surviving sofa bed mishap

Giles, a black cat from New York, has won Nationwide’s Hambone Award for the most unusual pet insurance claim of the year. Giles found himself stuck between a cushion and a hard place and required stitches. The Hambone Awards were created by Nationwide Insurance to recognize ridiculous medical claims made by insured pets. The award program was inspired by a dog that got mild hypothermia after getting stuck in a refrigerator and eating an entire ham. Giles’ owners, Kaitlyn and Reid, now have a rule in their apartment to ensure Giles isn’t under the couch when it is being moved.

Giles’ win was not an easy victory, as there were other unusual claims that made it to the finalists’ list. Some of the notable contenders included a Labrador that jumped off a 36-foot high bridge unexpectedly, a parrot that got slammed inside a door, and a puppy that chewed on a phone charger. Despite the tough competition, Giles emerged as the winner, receiving a trophy, a gift card, and the opportunity to donate to a pet charity of the family’s choice.

While Giles’ injuries weren’t life-threatening, he did require stitches and suffered a “meow-ouch.” Although he is doing much better now, his owners noted that he has developed a fear of anything with a hinge on it. The Hambone Awards aim to highlight the importance of pet insurance and the value it brings in protecting pets. According to Nationwide’s pet insurance president and chief pet officer, Heidi Sirota, these stories serve as a reminder of the benefits of having insurance for pets and how it can be golden for most people.

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