Home Business MacKenzie Scott gives $640 million to charities.

MacKenzie Scott gives $640 million to charities.

MacKenzie Scott gives $640 million to charities.

Billionaire philanthropist MacKenzie Scott surprised many by announcing a $640 million donation to 361 small nonprofits in response to an open call for applications. This exceeds her initial pledge and showcases her commitment to supporting organizations that improve access to foundational resources in communities. The selection process involved Lever for Change and external evaluators who played crucial roles in identifying deserving recipients.

The increase in both award amount and number of selected organizations reflects a shift towards a more competitive philanthropic landscape. Lever for Change noted a significant expansion in the awardee pool, with top organizations receiving $2 million and others receiving $1 million each. This approach aims to provide support to a wider range of nonprofits, particularly those without established connections to major funders. The selection criteria emphasized community-led organizations with missions to uplift individuals and families with limited resources.

Scott’s dedication to giving back is evident in her decision to continue honoring her commitment to philanthropy. Through her Yield Giving platform, she aims to share information about her charitable endeavors and amplify the voices of transformative organizations. This proactive approach to giving showcases Scott’s evolving philanthropic strategy and her ongoing support for impactful community initiatives.

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