Home Business Primary Wave signs ‘multi-million-dollar’ catalog deal with P.F. Sloan’s estate

Primary Wave signs ‘multi-million-dollar’ catalog deal with P.F. Sloan’s estate

Primary Wave signs ‘multi-million-dollar’ catalog deal with P.F. Sloan’s estate

Primary Wave Music has acquired the music catalog of legendary songwriter and musician P.F. Sloan in a multi-million-dollar deal. Sloan, who passed away in 2015, was a prolific songwriter in the 1960s Los Angeles music scene, writing hit songs for various genres and collaborating with Steve Barri. His songs were performed by popular musicians such as the Searchers, Jan & Dean, and the Mamas and the Papas. Sloan’s most famous compositions include “Eve of Destruction” and “Secret Agent Man.” Primary Wave’s acquisition includes Sloan’s publishing and writer’s share, as well as his master royalty income.

Sloan’s estate will benefit from the agreement with Primary Wave, gaining access to the company’s marketing team and publishing infrastructure. This includes sync opportunities, digital strategy, licensing, and film and TV production. Primary Wave has established itself as one of the largest music rights owners in the world, representing iconic songwriters, artists, and labels such as Bob Marley, Prince, and Stevie Nicks. The company has made several high-profile acquisitions in the past year, including the rights to Whitney Houston hits and music from rock band Skillet.

Primary Wave’s CEO, Larry Mestel, has emphasized the company’s commitment to being a creative and value-adding partner to its artists. The company aims to maximize the value of its music acquisitions and enhance the legacy of its artists. Mestel believes that Primary Wave’s success in attracting partnerships and deals with legendary artists is a testament to the company’s vision and approach.

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