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HomeBusinessRep. Matt Gaetz: The nightmare of governing with continuing resolutions.

Rep. Matt Gaetz: The nightmare of governing with continuing resolutions.


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In a recent news article from CNBC Television, Representative Matt Gaetz strongly criticizes the way government operates through continuing resolutions. He describes it as a “fever dream” and suggests that it causes inefficient governance. Gaetz believes that the constant reliance on continuing resolutions leads to a lack of accountability and prevents lawmakers from properly negotiating and passing comprehensive legislation.

According to Gaetz, the continuous use of continuing resolutions limits lawmakers’ ability to make long-term plans and address crucial issues effectively. He argues that this approach leads to a cycle of short-term funding and delays in decision-making. Gaetz emphasizes the importance of finding alternatives to this governing method to ensure stable and transparent governance.

In conclusion, Gaetz’s criticism of the continuing resolution method sheds light on the challenges it poses for effective governance. His concerns about the lack of long-term planning and accountability resonate with his call for alternative approaches. The article highlights the need for lawmakers to seek more sustainable governing methods that prioritize comprehensive legislation and address critical issues in a timely manner.

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