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150,000 tax rebate checks to be reissued beginning this week


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Thousands of Minnesota residents are set to receive reissued tax rebate checks after the initial ones went uncashed and expired. The checks will be sent out in two batches, the first this week and the second in early December, with a 60-day validity period. Nearly 2.1 million people were eligible for these checks, with the amount being $260 and an additional $260 for each eligible dependent, up to three. The state will be sending the checks in plain white envelopes from Submittable Holdings in Missoula, Montana.

The Department of Revenue will be reissuing these tax rebate checks to eligible individuals, as the previous checks they sent out earlier this year went unclaimed and have since expired. The reissued checks, totaling 2.1 million, are expected to be out in two batches. The state has urged the recipients of these checks to make sure they cash them within 60 days, as the validity period will only last for that timeframe from the date of issuance. If the checks remain uncashed, the funds will be given to the state’s Department of Commerce’s Unclaimed Property Division.

The eligibility for these checks was determined by 2021 income or property tax refund returns, and the state has already sent out a majority of these payments. However, for those who have not received their checks due to address changes or other reasons, they can find more information on the Department of Revenue’s website. With the issuance of these reissued checks, the state aims to ensure that all eligible individuals receive the tax rebate as intended.

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