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Casey Rodarmor’s ‘Sh!tcoin’ Protocol Launches with Bitcoin Halving Plan.


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Bitcoin’s upcoming quadrennial halving is just around the corner, with many developers and users eagerly awaiting the launch of Casey Rodarmor’s Runes protocol immediately after. Rodarmor’s previous project, the Ordinals protocol, injected a sense of fun and innovation into Bitcoin’s ecosystem, generating significant revenue for miners. However, it also brought challenges like network congestion and high user fees. Runes, which will allow users to create various tokens on Bitcoin similar to other blockchains, has the potential to change the cultural norms within the Bitcoin community by expanding the possibilities for digital tokens.

By enabling the creation of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and fungible tokens on Bitcoin, Ordinals and BRC-20 set the stage for Runes to enhance token creation on the blockchain. Rodarmor views Runes as a more efficient method to generate new tokens on Bitcoin, not dependent on Ordinals like BRC-20. This new protocol promises greater simplicity and security by streamlining transactions and reducing complexity. The launch of Runes during the halving event, while primarily for thematic significance, may also impact post-halving trends by potentially influencing Bitcoin’s network security and highlighting the role of transaction fees in incentivizing mining activity.

Despite the innovative potential of Runes, some in the Bitcoin community express concerns about possible network congestion and increased fees, similar to the challenges experienced with Ordinals. By utilizing UTXOs and implementing unique transaction mechanisms, Runes aims to revolutionize token creation on Bitcoin, emphasizing simplicity and efficiency. Rodarmor’s vision for Runes as a straightforward protocol with significant code behind it hints at a shift in the way tokens are created and managed on the blockchain, potentially opening up new avenues for development and adoption within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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