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Ogden IRS Employees Fret Over Government Shutdown: Concerns Mount


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Government employees, particularly those working for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in Ogden, Utah, are expressing concern and anxiety over the possibility of a government shutdown. The last shutdown in 2019 lasted 35 days, causing financial hardship for many IRS employees who don’t make a large salary. The IRS is one of the largest employers in Weber County, and the employees, including recent hires earning a low hourly rate, fear going an extended period of time without income. While the government has since consolidated its IRS locations and grown its employee base, many workers are still unable to save a significant amount of money. They hope that creditors and others will be understanding and patient if another shutdown occurs.

The potential government shutdown is particularly worrisome for IRS employees in Ogden, Utah. They remember the previous shutdown in 2019 and the financial difficulties it brought, as it lasted 35 days. Despite recent growth in the IRS workforce, including many recent hires, employees still struggle with low wages and limited ability to save money. The fear of going without income for an extended period of time is causing anxiety and uncertainty among workers. They hope that creditors will show understanding and flexibility during the shutdown, as many workers are unable to build up significant savings due to their modest salaries.

Robert Lawrence, the Local Chapter President of the National Treasury Employees Union, speaks on behalf of the IRS employees’ concerns. He acknowledges that IRS employees are frontline workers who don’t earn a substantial income, making it challenging for them to save money. Lawrence expresses hope that people will be understanding and patient during this potential shutdown. He recalls that during the previous shutdown in 2019, people were reasonable when employees explained their situation to creditors. However, the employees remain anxious and worried about the financial implications if the government shuts down again, emphasizing the need for their concerns to be addressed.

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