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The Happiness of This 53-Year-Old American Retiree and Family Flourishes in Portugal.


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In 2015, Alex and Noki Trias made the decision to retire early and move to Portugal with their daughter. Alex, a retired corporate tax attorney, had realized early on in his career that the demanding work hours were not sustainable for the long term. Through saving aggressively and investing in real estate and stocks, he was able to build a substantial investment portfolio that provided enough income for the family to live comfortably. While on vacation in Lisbon, they fell in love with the city and decided to make it their new home. Portugal, known for its low cost of living, was named the best country in Europe for retirement in a recent report.

The Trias family purchased a two-bedroom apartment in Bairro Alto, a neighborhood in Lisbon, and moved there in June 2015. The affordable cost of living in Portugal allowed them to enjoy a high quality of life without financial strain. Alex and Noki spend their retirement traveling and embracing new experiences, such as joining local groups and exploring different activities. With their daughter approaching college graduation, they see this as a transitional period and are open to new possibilities, such as volunteering at an elephant rescue center in Thailand.

Overall, the Trias’ early retirement and move to Portugal have brought them happiness and a sense of freedom. They wake up every day knowing they can do whatever they want and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of their new home. The affordability and ease of living in Portugal have allowed them to make the most of their retirement years and have new adventures together as a family. They feel grateful for the opportunity to live in such a wonderful country and look forward to the chapters that are still to come.

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