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Armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed reportedly insults jurors in jail phone calls: Prosecutors.


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In a recent court filing by prosecutors, it was revealed that “Rust” armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed expressed her frustration and anger towards the jurors who convicted her of manslaughter charges in recorded jail phone conversations. She called them “idiots” and “a–holes” while also lamenting the quick two-hour deliberation process. Gutierrez-Reed also stated that she wants actor Alec Baldwin, who was handling the gun involved in the fatal shooting on the movie set, to go to jail as well. The prosecutors argue that these comments demonstrate her lack of acceptance of responsibility for her actions.

As Gutierrez-Reed faces sentencing, prosecutors are pushing for the maximum penalty of 18 months in prison, citing her failure to take responsibility for her role in the tragic incident on the “Rust” film set in 2021. They highlighted Gutierrez-Reed’s conversations with her mom, boyfriend, and attorney’s paralegal as evidence of her lack of remorse. The filing also mentions Gutierrez-Reed’s request for Hutchins’ widower and son to speak on her behalf, along with her concerns about the impact of the shooting on her personal and professional life.

One crucial revelation from the court filing is Gutierrez-Reed’s pending felony charge for allegedly sneaking a firearm into a New Mexico bar, showing a pattern of irresponsible behavior with weapons. The filing also includes disturbing details about Gutierrez-Reed’s jail experience, mentioning her liking for tap water and hard jail beds. As the legal proceedings continue, the case highlights the complexities and consequences of negligence and accountability in the film industry.

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