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Johnson’s impeachment gamble – POLITICO: A risky move with uncertain outcomes


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House Republicans are working behind the scenes to build support for the impeachment of Cabinet secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, a move that has drawn criticism from Republican-allied pundits and constitutional experts. If successful, it would be the first time a Cabinet secretary has been impeached since 1876. The Republicans are making efforts to convince holdouts within their party and some Democrats to vote in favor of impeachment. However, the margin for error is extremely narrow, and a failure to secure enough votes would be a blow to the conservative agenda.

The looming special election for expelled GOP Rep. George Santos’ seat has increased the pressure on House Republicans, as a loss in this election would narrow their margin even further. If Democrats were to win the seat, Johnson could only afford to lose two Republicans on any Democratic-opposed legislation, making it extremely difficult to pass any significant measures in the House. The efforts to impeach Mayorkas are also seen as a precursor to a potential impeachment of President Joe Biden, with many more House Republicans holding out on impeaching the president due to a desire for clearer evidence tying him to his family’s business deals.

The impeachment efforts are emblematic of the ongoing struggle within the Republican Party to achieve tangible victories and rally unified support behind key initiatives. The outcome of the Mayorkas impeachment vote will serve as a litmus test for the Republican agenda, determining their prospects for success in future high-stakes endeavors, such as the potential impeachment of President Biden. The article highlights the challenges and complexities faced by House Republicans as they navigate internal divisions and external pressures in pursuit of their political goals.

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