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Mysterious New Hampshire man left town millions he never knew he had.


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Geoffrey Holt was known for living a simple life as the caretaker of a mobile home park in Hinsdale, New Hampshire. For years, he was seen riding his lawn mower around town in worn-out clothes but had a secret: he was a multimillionaire and donated his entire fortune to the community of 4,200 people after his death. Holt had given up driving a car and lived a frugal life, with few belongings in his mobile home. When he died, he left detailed instructions in his will, giving $3.8 million to the town of Hinsdale to benefit education, health, recreation, and culture.

Despite being known for his simple lifestyle, Holt was revealed to be a multimillionaire who had successfully invested his money. The community of Hinsdale, New Hampshire was surprised when Holt left $3.8 million to the town to benefit its residents. The money could go a long way in promoting the town’s local businesses and hiking trails, but no decisions have been made yet on how to utilize it. Respecting Holt’s frugal lifestyle, the town aims to make use of the money very carefully and for the benefit of the local community.

Geoffrey Holt’s sister, Alison, shared that her brother had faced a strict and frugal upbringing and invested money as a way to compete with his father’s high expectations. Never married and without children, Holt lived a quiet and unassuming life, working odd jobs and keeping to himself. After Holt’s death, the money left to the town of Hinsdale is expected to have a significant impact on the community, bringing attention to the small corner of New Hampshire and fostering the town’s development.

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