Home Latest News Rain chances throughout the weekend: Hourly review within 13 words.

Rain chances throughout the weekend: Hourly review within 13 words.

Rain chances throughout the weekend: Hourly review within 13 words.

The weather in Northern California is set to change over the weekend after a mild and quiet week. An onshore breeze will pick up on Friday and spread across the region, accompanied by increasing clouds that will keep temperatures near 80 degrees in Sacramento. The chances of rain are highest on Saturday, but only a few showers are expected in the Valley. Outdoor plans can still be kept, but there may be a quick shower and wet ground in the morning. Clouds will persist throughout the afternoon, with high temperatures in the low 70s. In the Sierra spots, there is a chance of rain all day Saturday, with light accumulations of up to a quarter inch. Highs will be in the 40s around Lake Tahoe, making it a chilly weekend for the mountains. On Sunday, the Valley and lower Foothills will see sunshine return, with a few showers popping up in the Sierra but more dry time compared to Saturday.

For the latest weather alerts, the KCRA app can be downloaded. Additionally, the app provides access to interactive, Doppler radar and a real-time traffic map. The KCRA weather team can be followed on social media, and their forecasts can be watched on TV or online. The latest video forecast can be found on their website, and a livestream of their newscast is available. They are also streaming on the Very Local app for Roku, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire TV.

In summary, after a calm week, Northern California can expect changes in the weather over the weekend. Rain showers are possible on Saturday, mainly in the mountains and with minimal impact in the Valley. Sunday will bring back sunshine to the Valley and lower Foothills. The Sierra may still experience some showers but with more dry time compared to Saturday. Temperatures will be cooler in the mountains, particularly around Lake Tahoe. The KCRA app and website offer various tools and resources for staying up-to-date with the latest weather information.

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