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Stetson-Clad Billionaire Warns NYC about Migrant Border Crisis as He Heads to Eagle Pass


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Elon Musk, in a livestream from Eagle Pass, Texas, expressed concerns about the migrant crisis and its impact on the country. He highlighted the overwhelmed border town and the collapse of essential services, using New York City as an example. Musk emphasized that while he is pro-immigrant, he believes in regulating the immigration system and not allowing people who are breaking the law to enter. The livestream, which was intended to show the reality on the ground, crashed after only four minutes, but later resumed before crashing again. Musk’s visit shed light on the struggles faced by border towns and the need for assistance and a concrete plan of action.

Eagle Pass, Texas has become a focal point of the migrant crisis, with thousands of migrants crossing the Rio Grande into the small border town. Elon Musk’s livestream aimed to provide a firsthand account of the situation and bring attention to the collapsing essential services and overwhelmed shelters. He stressed the need for an expanded but regulated immigration system, where hardworking and honest individuals are allowed entry, but those breaking the law are not. Musk pointed out that if New York City, one of the largest and most resourceful cities in the country, struggles to cope with the influx of migrants, it indicates a larger issue that needs to be addressed. However, the livestream crashed multiple times, further emphasizing the challenges faced by those on the ground.

The livestream highlighted the human toll of the crisis and the difficult journey migrants undertake to cross the border. Images showed families clinging to each other, struggling to carry their belongings through the Rio Grande river, and waiting in long lines for processing. Musk expressed his astonishment at some extreme individuals coming through the border and shared stories of unrepentant murderers abusing the asylum seeking system. He raised concerns about the lack of response from President Biden and Vice President Harris, and the absence of a concrete plan of action to address the ongoing crisis. Local officials, including the mayor of Eagle Pass, echoed this sentiment and criticized the lack of support and resources for border towns like theirs. The visit and livestream by Musk shed light on the struggles faced by border communities and the urgent need for assistance and effective immigration policies.

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