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Summary of the initial Biden impeachment inquiry: NPR provides insights.


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In the first impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden, House Republicans focused on allegations of corruption involving his son, Hunter Biden, suggesting that the president benefited from his son’s business dealings. However, during a more than six-hour hearing, Republicans failed to provide clear evidence to support their claims. Witnesses brought by the Republicans, including a forensic accountant and a law professor, stated that they did not have direct knowledge of any wrongdoing by the Bidens. As a result, the hearing received criticism from Democratic panel members, who argued that there was no clear, impeachable evidence against the president. Despite this, House Republicans vowed to continue their effort to impeach Biden.

The chaotic and sometimes antagonistic hearing was marked by outbursts and verbal sparring between lawmakers. The hearing was also overshadowed by the looming possibility of a government shutdown, which Democrats argued should take precedence over the impeachment inquiry. Democrats accused Republicans of wasting time and resources on a baseless investigation while neglecting their responsibility to pass a budget and prevent a government shutdown. Republicans, however, maintained that the potential shutdown would not affect their inquiry and pledged to continue their investigation during a shutdown if necessary. Overall, the hearing lacked concrete evidence to support the impeachment of President Biden, leading some to dismiss it as a “Seinfeld impeachment – an impeachment hearing about nothing.”

One of the main allegations put forth by House Republicans is that President Biden, while vice president, personally benefited from his son’s business dealings in Ukraine and China. Republicans claimed that the Biden family earned over $20 million from foreign sources during the years 2014 to 2019. They argued that the Bidens were selling Joe Biden’s influence and access to the White House. However, Republicans did not provide any smoking gun evidence to substantiate these claims. The focus of the hearing remained primarily on Hunter Biden and his past lobbying and consulting activities. The allegations made by two IRS whistleblowers, who claimed that the investigation into Hunter Biden was mishandled by the Justice Department, were also raised during the hearing. Republicans seized on these claims, suggesting that pressure was placed on the DOJ to delay the investigation. However, no clear evidence was presented to prove these assertions.

Overall, the impeachment inquiry hearing against President Biden lacked substantial evidence to support the Republicans’ claims of corruption. While Republicans vowed to continue their efforts to impeach Biden, Democrats criticized the hearing as a distraction from more pressing issues, such as preventing a government shutdown. Only time will tell how the inquiry will proceed and whether any concrete evidence will emerge to support the allegations against President Biden and his family.

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