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Supreme Court rules in favor of California homeowner charged $23,000 to build on property.


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The Supreme Court made a landmark ruling on Friday, stating that government-issued fees, even those set by a legislature, must be directly tied to actual adverse impacts. This decision stemmed from a case where a homeowner in El Dorado County, California, was charged over $23,000 as a “traffic impact mitigation” fee to obtain a building permit. The court found that such fees must be proportionate to the potential harm caused by the development, ensuring that property owners are not unfairly burdened by excessive charges.

George Sheetz, the homeowner at the center of the case, was initially shocked by the hefty fee, considering it unjust extortion. Despite paying the fee, he took legal action against the county, arguing that it violated his constitutional rights. The ruling by the Supreme Court is a victory not only for Sheetz but for property owners nationwide, ensuring that government fees are reasonable and directly related to the impact of the proposed development. The case now returns to the lower court to determine the constitutionality of the fee and whether it aligns with the principles outlined in the court’s decision.

The unanimous verdict by the Supreme Court sends a clear message to local governments across the country, emphasizing the importance of fair and transparent fee structures. It highlights the need for fees to be grounded in factual assessments of potential harm, preventing arbitrary or excessive charges that could hinder property owners from exercising their rights. Moving forward, this ruling sets a precedent for ensuring that government fees, particularly those related to development permits, are just, reasonable, and not used as a means of coercion or exploitation.

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