Home Technology 13 of the creepiest video game glitches according to Destructoid.

13 of the creepiest video game glitches according to Destructoid.

13 of the creepiest video game glitches according to Destructoid.

In this news article, the author explores how video game glitches can turn regular games into unexpected horror masterpieces. They provide examples such as Skyrim NPCs surviving decapitation, demon babies in The Sims 3, human NPCs behaving like animals in Red Dead Redemption, animal NPCs with human mannerisms in Assassin’s Creed Origins, an inexplicable statue in The Witcher 3, Alma following the player nonstop in FEAR 2, ghosts haunting NBA Jam, Preston Garvey becoming an unkillable enemy in Fallout 4, and a terrifying skybox in Mount and Blade: Warband.

In Skyrim, players witness a glitch where NPCs who are supposed to be decapitated still survive and continue with their lives. This creates an eerie and unsettling atmosphere in the game. Similarly, in The Sims 3, there is a glitch that turns babies into creepy, zombie-like creatures resembling the necromorphs from the Dead Space series. The glitch adds an unexpected horror element to the typically lighthearted and simulation-focused game.

Red Dead Redemption takes a different approach with glitches, as it transforms human NPCs into animals. Some characters move like four-legged animals, while others even fly as if they were birds. This glitch adds a bizarre and comical twist to the game, but it could also be unsettling to be chased by a pack of suit-and-tie-wearing coyotes.

Assassin’s Creed Origins builds upon the glitch in Red Dead Redemption by featuring animal NPCs adopting human mannerisms. This glitch creates a unique and cool aspect to the game’s setting in ancient Egypt, but it may also give players an eerie feeling as they witness animals behaving like humans.

The Witcher 3 introduces players to a creepy glitch in the Tower of Mice where a lean creature pops in and out of existence. Although the creature is harmless, its unsettling presence adds to the eerie atmosphere of the game. FEAR 2 takes advantage of glitches to intensify the horror experience by making Alma, a ghostly girl, continuously follow the player. This glitch creates a combination of both funny and terrifying moments in the game.

NBA Jam, a basketball game released in 1993, haunts players with a glitch that causes the arcade machine to repeatedly shout the name of the deceased basketball player Drazen Petrovic. This eerie glitch provides an unsettling experience for players as they hear a voice from the beyond during their gameplay.

Fallout 4 introduces a glitch where Preston Garvey, a companion character, becomes an unkillable enemy that relentlessly pursues the player. This glitch adds an unexpected twist to the game, as players usually don’t have to deal with a companion turning against them. It creates a challenging and potentially unsettling situation for players.

Finally, Mount and Blade: Warband features a glitch where the skybox in the game transforms into the face of an angry man staring at the player. This glitch gives players a sense of unease as they feel like they are being watched by a wrathful higher power. While the glitch is common, it still adds a terrifying element to the game.

In summary, video game glitches can unexpectedly transform regular games into horror masterpieces. Whether it’s surviving decapitation in Skyrim, creepy demon babies in The Sims 3, or human NPCs behaving like animals in Red Dead Redemption, glitches provide a unique and often unsettling experience for players. These glitches can range from comical and funny to downright terrifying, creating memorable moments within the games.

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