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A New Canon Lens Emerges in the Wild


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Canon’s latest patent application has photography enthusiasts buzzing about the possibility of a groundbreaking ultra-wide-angle zoom lens. The patent hints at a 14-20mm f/2 lens, which would offer exceptional low-light performance and the ability to create stunning images with shallow depth of field. This innovation could revolutionize landscape, astrophotography, and architectural photography by providing photographers with a versatile tool for capturing unique and captivating shots.

The potential of the RF 14-20mm f/2 lens has especially excited astrophotographers, who could benefit from its fast aperture for capturing detailed images of celestial objects with minimal star trailing. Event photographers would also find this lens appealing, as it could offer a level of versatility and performance previously unseen in ultra-wide zoom lenses. Canon has already made a mark in the market with lenses like the RF 28-70mm f/2 L USM, setting a high standard for optical quality and performance.

While the patent application does not guarantee production of the lens, the excitement surrounding the possibility of an RF 14-20mm f/2 lens is palpable. With the potential to redefine the capabilities of ultra-wide-angle lenses, it’s not hard to imagine photographers eagerly awaiting any updates on this exciting development from Canon. Hopefully, this innovative lens will soon become a reality and open up new creative possibilities for photographers.

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