Home Technology Apple aiming for 10% increase in new iPhone shipments: BBG

Apple aiming for 10% increase in new iPhone shipments: BBG

Apple aiming for 10% increase in new iPhone shipments: BBG

Apple’s stock price is on the rise following a report from Bloomberg indicating that the tech giant is planning to increase its new iPhone shipments by 10% in 2024. This growth strategy includes a focus on AI technology, with Apple aiming to integrate Apple Intelligence features into its new devices. Additionally, Apple has reported a substantial year-over-year growth of over 20% in second-quarter PC shipments, further demonstrating the company’s market dominance and potential for expansion.

Market analysts Josh Lipton and Julie Hyman discuss the implications of Apple’s growth strategy and the significance it holds for the company’s future performance. The decision to focus on AI-driven technology in new iPhone models reflects Apple’s commitment to innovation and meeting consumer demand for advanced features. While there may be challenges in implementing these features in certain markets, such as China, Apple remains optimistic about the potential impact on sales and revenue.

Investors are watching closely to see how consumers respond to Apple’s AI-enabled devices and whether this will drive a significant upgrade cycle. The tech industry as a whole is leaning towards AI and interactive technology, with other companies like Amazon also investing in similar initiatives. The success of Apple’s AI technology could potentially shape future trends in consumer technology and have a lasting impact on the company’s market performance and competitive edge in the industry.

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