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Coolest Visual Effect in Call of Duty’s Doom Tribute


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The popular video game Call of Duty is paying tribute to the classic first-person shooter Doom in its upcoming season. The Doom bundle, available on October 9th for the Warzone and Modern Warfare II games, includes a shotgun and chainsaw stylized to look like they did in the original Doom game. If players equip these weapons, their characters will wield them like the space marine hero from the original game, complete with a lower framerate that gives a distinct nostalgic feel. The bundle also includes various other homages to the Doom series, such as weapon charms, stickers, loading screens, and blueprints.

While Call of Duty is not the only game paying tribute to Doom, with Cyberpunk 2077 also adding a mini-game based on the 1993 classic, revisiting the original Doom is always a good idea. It is considered foundational to the first-person shooter genre and has had various ports to unconventional devices like calculators and tractors over the years. The Doom bundle in Call of Duty serves as a visual and nostalgic treat for fans of the classic game, allowing them to experience the iconic weapons and aesthetic in a modern setting.

Overall, the collaboration between Call of Duty and Doom in the upcoming season brings a touch of nostalgia and excitement to players. The inclusion of weapons and other elements from the original Doom game allows fans to relive a piece of gaming history while enjoying the fast-paced action of the Call of Duty series. It demonstrates the ongoing influence and enduring legacy of Doom in the gaming industry, cementing its status as a groundbreaking and iconic game.

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