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Embracing Zigbee and Z-Wave: The Cornerstone of my Smart Home.


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The author of this article discusses his experiences with smart home gadgets, and his initial eagerness for the next generation of smart home standards. However, he ultimately writes to admit his initial ignorance and to express his newfound appreciation for Zigbee and Z-Wave, two existing standards that have been around for some time. He also discusses the reliable performance of Hue bulbs, explaining his appreciation for their ability to work consistently and seamlessly, without the need for constant troubleshooting or complicated setups.

The author acknowledges that while the next generation of smart home standards, Matter and Thread, was initially anticipated with excitement, it has ultimately been disappointing. He expresses his surprise at finding that Zigbee and Z-Wave, which he had previously overlooked as fidgety and obscure, still have a place in modern smart homes. The reliability and seamless performance of Hue bulbs has also stood out to him, leading him to appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of the Zigbee standard.

In his article, the author encourages readers to reconsider their expectations and remain open to the existing standards of Zigbee and Z-Wave, while also expressing gratitude for the consistent performance of Hue bulbs. He highlights the importance of reliability and ease of use in smart home devices, ultimately advocating for a reconsideration of the existing technologies and their potential benefits.

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