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Feb. 6, 2024 NYT Crossword Answers in 13 Words or Less


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The crossword in today’s New York Times by Victor Barocas is full of clever and amusing entries that are sure to keep solvers on their toes. The themed entries in particular offer a unique challenge, as common expressions have been playfully altered to create a string of letters that challenges readers to decipher the phrasing. Despite these alterations, Mr. Barocas doesn’t explicitly tell solvers which way to manipulate the “D” in the altered phrases, leaving some room for interpretation and ambiguity in tension alignment.

In the theme of the crossword, the answers leave a subtle cryptic twist, offering a challenging yet entertaining puzzle that keeps solvers engaged. Even the non-themed clues feature a touch of misdirection to shake up the usual crossword solving experience. Constructing the puzzle itself was no easy feat, Mr. Barocas notes, with the grid being affected by the placement of the themed entries. Ultimately, the goal was to provide solvers with a memorable “Aha!” moment, highlighting their cleverness for solving the puzzle, rather than demonstrating the constructor’s skill.

In engaging with the crossword, solvers are propelled into a world of linguistic riddles, clever language play, and keen word associations. The puzzle offers a delightful challenge and leaves enthusiasts with a sense of triumph for successfully navigating its nuances. Joining the ranks of successful solvers is an achievement in itself and is sure to leave enthusiasts feeling accomplished and entertained.

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