Home Technology Horizon Chase 2: Switch eShop Review in Concise 13 Words

Horizon Chase 2: Switch eShop Review in Concise 13 Words

Horizon Chase 2: Switch eShop Review in Concise 13 Words

Horizon Chase 2 is a fast-paced arcade racing game that may not offer the same level of excitement as other popular racing titles, but it is incredibly addicting. While it lacks the high-speed antics of beloved kart racers or the realism of exclusive driving games, Horizon Chase 2 delivers on what its title suggests: going fast and feeling good while doing it. The game takes inspiration from the arcade era and focuses solely on the race and the finish line. With low-fidelity courses featuring adorable renditions of various locations, players can experience the thrill of speed.

However, Horizon Chase 2 falls short in certain areas. The sequel tries to improve upon its predecessor but ends up with muddier and less visually appealing environments. The soundtrack, composed by Barry Leitch, maintains the energetic and nostalgic feel of classic racing games. In terms of gameplay, certain modes add a bit more depth to the game, such as World Tour where players can collect blue coins and earn special trophies and car parts. Upgrading and leveling cars could be improved, as players can only focus on one car at a time.

Horizon Chase 2 introduces distinct and leveled-up cars as players complete courses in different countries, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Time Trials provide a challenging experience where players must hit specific times by collecting time coins and strategically using boost pads. Although these modes are the highlight of the game, they are unfortunately limited. Other modes offer similar races with power pickups and temporary speed boosts. While the game runs smoothly in split-screen multiplayer, it suffers from significant frame rate drops and crashes when players log into an Epic Games account. The game’s UI also has bugs related to the online functionality. In conclusion, Horizon Chase 2 is a fun arcade racer that may lack content and stability on the Nintendo Switch platform.

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