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King Kong Glove in Call Of Duty Requires An $80 Purchase.


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In the gaming world, controversy has sparked among Call of Duty players over the introduction of a new $80 cosmetic item inspired by the film Godzilla X Kong: New Empire. The item, known as the “B.E.A.S.T Glove,” is a melee weapon resembling King Kong’s robo-arm, scaled down for use by human-sized soldiers in Call of Duty Warzone and Modern Warfare III. Despite the cool concept, the exorbitant price tag of $80 to acquire the glove through purchasing four different $20 DLC packs has left many gamers appalled at the industry’s shift towards such high-priced in-game cosmetics.

For a player to unlock the Kong-inspired B.E.A.S.T Glove, they must buy all four premium DLC packs, totaling approximately $80 worth of in-game purchases. This method of unlocking gameplay content has raised concerns about the exploitative nature of microtransactions in the gaming industry. Despite the additional cosmetics and rewards included in the DLC packs, the steep cost of obtaining a single in-game item has highlighted the predatory practices of some game developers in monetizing player experiences.

The trend of expensive cosmetic items and in-game purchases reflects a broader issue of escalating microtransactions across various popular titles like Fortnite and Diablo. Companies such as Activision and Blizzard have faced scrutiny for implementing high-priced cosmetic items that provide little in terms of gameplay value. As players continue to spend substantial amounts on virtual items, the debate over the ethics of microtransactions and the commodification of gaming experiences intensifies, raising concerns about the impact on player satisfaction and the overall gaming industry.

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