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Locating Illumise in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC: A Guide in 13 Words


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The news article discusses the release of the Teal Mask DLC for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, which brings back some older Bug-type Pokemon, such as Volbeat. The DLC takes place in the land of Kitakami, inspired by rural Japanese settings, and Bug-type Pokemon are common there. Trainers can find Illumise, a Bug-type Pokemon, by switching the time to night after finishing the main questline. However, Illumise does not have a new evolution in the game and its stats are not strong, making it less useful in battles. The article provides additional information and guides for players on various aspects of the game.

In the Teal Mask DLC for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, fans can revisit the world of Kitakami and encounter some familiar Bug-type Pokemon. The DLC is set in a rural Japanese-inspired setting, which provides the perfect habitat for Bug-type Pokemon. Among these returning Pokemon is Volbeat’s counterpart, Illumise. Trainers can easily find Illumise by switching the game’s time to night after completing the main questline. However, it is worth noting that Illumise does not evolve in this game and its battle stats are not particularly impressive.

Illumise can be found in various areas throughout Kitakami, including Kitakami Road, Apple Hills, Mossfell Confluence, and Timeless Woods. Despite its lack of evolution and mediocre battle stats, catching Illumise is still worthwhile for completing the Pokedex. It is also important to note that Illumise and Volbeat are related in the game’s lore, but they do not have any in-game connection through evolution. The article concludes by providing additional guides and information for players, such as guides on Paldea Pokedex, unlocking Tera Raids, and changing clothes in the game.

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