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NYC’s delivery giants fail to halt new wage rules for drivers.


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New York City delivery workers will receive a significant increase in pay after a judge rejected a request by Uber, DoorDash, and Grubhub to block the city’s new minimum wage rules. The ruling allows the law to go into effect, requiring companies to pay gig workers a minimum wage of $17.96 per hour, which will rise to $20 an hour by 2025. Advocates for delivery workers celebrate the decision, stating that it brings them one step closer to earning a living wage. However, the companies’ lawsuit against the law is still ongoing.

New York City has the largest delivery workforce in the country, mostly comprised of undocumented immigrants who currently earn less than $8 per hour after expenses. The Worker’s Justice Project and Los Deliveristas Unidos express their satisfaction with the ruling, emphasizing that it prevents billion-dollar companies from profiting off the labor of immigrant workers. They see the decision as a reminder that workers can prevail against exploitative practices. However, the companies may still face obstacles as their lawsuit continues to progress through the courts.

While the new minimum wage rules aim to improve the income of delivery workers, there are concerns that the app companies may be forced to limit their workforce or eliminate tipping. The NYC Department of Consumer and Worker Protection predicts possible adverse impacts such as reducing platform access for workers generating low revenue or altering requirements in ways that some workers may find undesirable. The companies argue that the added labor costs could lead to shrinking service areas, potentially affecting customers and reducing the reliability of their delivery services. Despite the decision, Grubhub, DoorDash, and Uber are evaluating their legal options and express concerns about the potential consequences of the regulation.

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