Home Technology Top Video Games Coming Out in October 2023 – The Largest Releases

Top Video Games Coming Out in October 2023 – The Largest Releases

Top Video Games Coming Out in October 2023 – The Largest Releases

This month, a variety of video games will be released, offering something for every type of gamer. Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Mirage, the 13th installment in the action-adventure franchise, takes players to Baghdad in 861 CE. The game follows protagonist Basim Ibn Ishaq, who specializes in stealth and offers a new and faster gameplay experience. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, launching exclusively for PlayStation 5, features a symbiote-empowered Spider-Man fighting enemies with his black tendrils. Players can switch between Peter Parker and Miles Morales as they navigate the game’s narrative-driven action.

For those seeking a spooky experience, Alan Wake 2 provides a psychological horror adventure. As the sequel to the 2010 original, players follow protagonist Alan Wake as he unravels a mysterious story filled with doppelgängers. On the other hand, Nintendo is releasing Super Mario Bros. Wonder, a cheerful platformer with Mario and his friends battling Bowser to save the Flower Kingdom.

Sonic Superstars, a colorful platformer game by Sega, will be available on various platforms and offers both single-player and multiplayer modes. Additionally, car-racing enthusiasts can look forward to Forza Motorsport, featuring over 500 cars and real-world racetracks replicated in-game.

Lastly, fans of Dark Souls-like role-playing games can enjoy The Fabled, a free-to-play fantasy RPG with optional NFTs. With a third-person point of view, players can engage in hack-and-slash combat against possessed skeletons and demonic enemies.

Whether gamers prefer historical action-adventures, superhero narratives, spooky horror, cheerful platformers, fast-paced platforming, realistic racing, or fantasy RPGs, there is a game releasing this month to suit their preferences.

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