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Updates on Passwordless Sign-On Support: Passkeys Brings the Latest News in 13 Words or Less


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Passwords are becoming obsolete, and the tech industry is rallying behind the use of passkeys as the future of authentication. Passkeys are cryptographic keys that replace the traditional method of typing in passwords. Instead, websites and apps use a standard called WebAuthn to directly connect to a token saved on your device or password manager to verify your identity automatically. This method is considered more secure, user-friendly, and overall better than traditional passwords.

While the transition to passkeys may take some time, Dashlane, a cross-platform password manager, is taking steps to accelerate the process. Dashlane announced its integration of passkeys into its system, recognizing the need to make security simpler for users. The company believes that embracing the passwordless era is a crucial step in achieving this goal.

Although the widespread adoption of passkeys may still be some time away, the momentum behind this shift is clear. The tech industry acknowledges the inherent flaws and vulnerabilities of passwords and sees passkeys as the solution. As more companies like Dashlane implement passkeys into their tools, the passwordless future seems not only inevitable but also promising in terms of enhanced security and user experience.

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