Home Business Congress Jolts into Crisis Mode as Government Shutdown Looms

Congress Jolts into Crisis Mode as Government Shutdown Looms

Congress Jolts into Crisis Mode as Government Shutdown Looms

Congress is facing a government shutdown as hard-right Republicans, determined to cut spending, threaten to curtail federal services for millions of Americans. Speaker Kevin McCarthy is struggling to secure enough support to move forward with funding bills, while the Senate is working on a bipartisan stopgap measure to keep offices funded past the deadline. President Joe Biden warned Republicans against reneging on the debt deal and urged them to fulfill their responsibilities. A government shutdown would have significant consequences for the US economy and the lives of millions of Americans who rely on federal services.

Against this backdrop, former President Donald Trump is encouraging Republicans in Congress to “shut it down” and undo the deal made between McCarthy and Biden. The turmoil comes as House Republicans hold their first Biden impeachment inquiry hearing, further adding to the tension. McCarthy’s latest plans for a defense funding bill were thwarted by hard-right Republicans, leaving the House at a standstill. While McCarthy has made concessions to appease the holdouts, they continue to press for more spending cuts and the removal of funding for Ukraine. The hard-right faction holds significant influence due to the narrow House majority, making McCarthy’s task of securing enough votes challenging.

In the meantime, the Senate is working on a temporary measure to prevent a shutdown but has encountered opposition regarding supplemental funding for Ukraine. Talks are ongoing, and the White House is committed to securing funding for Ukraine while addressing other important priorities. With the countdown to the deadline nearing, some holdouts are refusing to support any stopgap solution and are demanding that Congress engage in a comprehensive debate.

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