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Couple Renting 1-Bedroom Apartment in Brooklyn for $1,600 per month


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Vionna Wai and Chucky Hui moved into a two-family home in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, with his parents in 2020. They pay $1,600 a month for their one-bedroom apartment on the second floor, while the in-laws cover the rest of the $3,500 monthly rent for the house. What sets this couple apart is their unique collection of 150 houseplants and two cats, Mi and Ding, which they brought into their living space.

Despite the common living arrangement of millennials residing with their parents, Vionna Wai, a construction engineer, and Chucky Hui, a UX designer, find solace and contentment in caring for their plants. Wai emphasizes that tending to her plants is a form of self-care, providing a sense of calm and mindfulness amid the hustle and bustle of daily life. Their plant collection, though extensive, only requires minimal maintenance, with Wai dedicating about 30 minutes a week to watering and ensuring their well-being.

The couple has created a renter-friendly plant setup in their rented space, incorporating a designated “cat jungle corner” for their pet-friendly plants. They have trained their two cats to coexist peacefully with the plants, using cat repellants and keeping toxic plants out of reach. Wai dreams of eventually having a greenhouse, envisioning a peaceful life in Japan’s countryside surrounded by greenery.

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