Home Business Creamy soup with cacio e pepe, chickpeas, and kale for ultimate comfort

Creamy soup with cacio e pepe, chickpeas, and kale for ultimate comfort

Creamy soup with cacio e pepe, chickpeas, and kale for ultimate comfort

This news article explores the concept of comfort food and how it can vary from person to person. The author reflects on their own experience of finding comfort in the flavors of their youth after losing their mother and close friend. They mention specific dishes like pinto bean tortilla salad and broccoli cream cheese casserole that brought them solace. The article also highlights the importance of food in friendship and memories, describing a menu heavy on chips, salsa, margaritas, and vegetables shared over four decades. The author emphasizes that comfort food depends on individual experiences and needs for comfort, and that it can evolve and change over time.

The author shares their recent discovery of a recipe from Ravinder Bhogal’s book, “Comfort & Joy,” that brought them immense comfort. The recipe is a chickpea, orzo, and kale soup that is reminiscent of the classic pasta dish cacio e pepe. The author describes the process of making the soup, starting with frying onions and adding garlic, lemon zest, broth, kale, chickpeas, and orzo. The magic happens when they add grated pecorino Romano and butter, transforming the broth into a rich and glossy texture. The author savors the soup, reflecting on their friendship with the late Karin and the interconnectedness of their identities, just like the cheese and butter melting together. They express their wish to share the recipe with Karin and emphasize that while comfort may be fleeting, they plan to continue cooking the soup as they grieve.

In conclusion, this article examines the diverse nature of comfort food and the role it plays in providing solace during times of loss and grief. The author’s personal experiences with finding comfort in specific dishes are shared, highlighting the significance of food in memories and friendships. The article also recounts the author’s discovery of a comforting recipe for chickpea, orzo, and kale soup that resembles cacio e pepe. The soup is described as a transformative experience, both in its taste and in its ability to evoke emotions and memories. The author plans to continue cooking the soup as a way to navigate their grief and eventually find more joy.

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