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Investors of Truth Social Struggle to Stay Positive as Stock Plummets


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Donald Trump’s loyal followers gathered at Mar-a-Lago to celebrate the public listing of his social media firm, despite the company’s stock continuing to decline. Right-wing figures like Sebastian Gorka, Jon Voight, and Lee Greenwood were in attendance, creating a festive atmosphere under the Palm Beach sky. Trump reassured investors about the firm’s financial stability, emphasizing its $200 million cash reserve.

However, the mood on Truth Social, Trump’s social media platform, is less optimistic. Users expressed disappointment over the stock’s performance and questioned the company’s financial future. Despite a significant drop in stock value since March, Trump Media and Technology Group is still valued at over $4 billion, buoyed by loyal supporters who continue to invest in the company.

While some users on Truth Social remain hopeful, others are skeptical of the company’s prospects. Trump’s legal battles with co-founders and ongoing lawsuits have added to the uncertainty surrounding Truth Social’s future. Despite challenges, dedicated followers continue to pledge their support, viewing their investment in the company as a form of loyalty to Trump himself.

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