Home Business Postal Worker Fatally Struck in Julia Street Hit-and-Run in Houston

Postal Worker Fatally Struck in Julia Street Hit-and-Run in Houston

Postal Worker Fatally Struck in Julia Street Hit-and-Run in Houston

A United States Postal Service worker was tragically killed in a hit-and-run crash in north Houston. The incident occurred when the postal worker was making a left turn and an impatient driver attempted to go around him, clipping the back of the mail truck. This collision caused the postal worker to fall out of his truck, which then rolled into a ditch, ultimately crushing him. Despite efforts from nearby residents to aid the worker and apprehend the driver, the driver fled the scene. Thanks to the numerous witnesses, the suspect’s vehicle and license plate were identified, leading the police to the home it was registered to. The owner stated that the truck had been stolen, but the police have witnesses who can identify the driver, urging him to turn himself in.

The tragic loss of the postal worker has left the community in mourning. The United States Postal Service expressed their deep sadness and offered condolences to the worker’s family, friends, and colleagues. Houston Police Department Assistant Chief Cantu commended the residents who tried to help the injured worker and urged the driver responsible for the crash to surrender, as his identity is known and witnesses can place him at the scene. The police are appealing to the public for any information that may lead to the suspect’s arrest.

This devastating hit-and-run incident highlights the dangers faced by postal workers while carrying out their essential duties. The driver’s impatience and reckless actions not only cost a valuable life but also left a community grieving. As the investigation continues, authorities hope that justice will be served for the postal worker and his loved ones. This incident serves as a reminder to drivers to exercise caution and patience on the roads, particularly when encountering large vehicles like mail trucks.

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