Home Business Quincy Jones honored with inaugural Peace Through Music Award

Quincy Jones honored with inaugural Peace Through Music Award

Quincy Jones honored with inaugural Peace Through Music Award

The Global Music Diplomacy Initiative was launched on September 27 in Washington, DC. Led by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, the initiative aims to promote global peace and democracy through the use of music as a diplomatic tool. It was developed in accordance with the PEACE Through Music Diplomacy Act, which was passed in December 2022. The initiative includes the American Music Mentorship Program (AMMP), which will bring international mid-career artists and music industry professionals to the US for mentorship and networking opportunities starting in 2024. Additionally, Quincy Jones was awarded the first-ever Peace through Music Award for his contributions to cross-cultural exchanges and advancing peace through his music work.

The launch event featured live music performances from artists such as GAYLE, Dave Grohl, Mickey Guyton, Herbie Hancock, and LADAMA. Harvey Mason jr., CEO of the Recording Academy, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to promote peace and cross-cultural understanding through music. The initiative is seen as a way to harness the transformative power of music and use it as a global force for good. Lyor Cohen, Global Head of Music for YouTube and Google, emphasized the unifying nature of music and its ability to bring people together. Lee Satterfield, Assistant U.S. Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs, stressed the importance of music in conveying democratic ideals and promoting peace worldwide. The initiative aims to break down cultural barriers and foster peace through music.

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