Home Business Slip.Stream partners with Acast for music licensing in podcasts.

Slip.Stream partners with Acast for music licensing in podcasts.

Slip.Stream partners with Acast for music licensing in podcasts.

Royalty-free music platform Slip.Stream has announced a new partnership with podcast company Acast. Under the agreement, all 100,000 Acast podcasters will receive complimentary access to Slip.Stream’s library of over 70,000 songs for content creation. In addition, they will also be offered an exclusive discount for an annual Pro plan after the initial six months. Acast, established in 2014, is a podcast marketplace that connects podcast creators, advertisers, and audiences. This partnership aims to make it easier for podcasters to find the right songs for their creative needs, enhancing the storytelling and engaging content for their audiences.

According to Acast’s research, the quality of music in podcasts has improved in recent years, with 85% of listeners noting the improvement. Around 74% of listeners prefer podcasts that use music to establish tone and mood, while 60% favor podcasts ads accompanied by music. Slip.Stream, backed by Sony Music Entertainment, offers creators access to over 70,000 creator-safe tracks and 60,000 sound effects. With a user base exceeding 300,000, Slip.Stream provides podcasters with access to music from known record labels and artists, as well as AI tools for efficient content curation.

Slip.Stream’s partnership with Acast is another step in their mission to help podcasters enhance their storytelling and create more engaging content. By providing podcasters with access to a vast library of songs, they can easily find the right music to add depth and emotion to their episodes. The partnership also reflects the growing demand for high-quality music in podcasts and recognizes the importance of music as a way to captivate and engage listeners. With Acast’s extensive network of podcast creators and Slip.Stream’s extensive music library, this collaboration has the potential to greatly enhance the podcasting experience for both creators and listeners alike.

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