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US claims Israel attacked Iran, leading to increase in oil and gold prices.


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Oil and gold prices saw a brief but significant drop after Iranian authorities downplayed reports of an attack from Israel. Initially, Brent crude prices surged above $90 a barrel following the reports of an attack, only to fall back after Iranian state media claimed “no damage” in Isfahan province. This news comes amid fears of a potential conflict in the Middle East disrupting oil supplies, a concern that investors have been closely monitoring.

The increase in oil prices has the potential to fuel inflation as countries heavily rely on oil to produce fuels like petrol and diesel. This rise in fuel and energy prices has been a driving force behind the overall increase in the cost of living globally. Market experts are watching closely to see how Israel and Iran respond to recent events, as any further escalation could have long-lasting effects on various economies.

The uncertainty in the Middle East has also caused a spike in the price of gold, a common safe-haven investment during times of geopolitical tension. Concerns have also been raised about the impact on shipping routes, with the crucial Strait of Hormuz being a key passage for oil exports. As tensions remain high, stock markets around the world have shown mixed reactions, with some indices seeing slight drops while others remain relatively stable.

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