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7 Lesser-Known Stock Picks, Branded as Top Bisons by Barron’s.


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The news article titled “Here are 7 Stock Picks You Might Not Have Heard About. Why They’re Best-of-Breed Bisons” from Barron’s highlights seven relatively unknown stock picks that have the potential to be top performers. These stocks, also referred to as “best-of-breed bisons,” are companies that dominate their respective industries and have the potential for significant growth.

The first stock pick mentioned is Twilio, a cloud communication platform that has been experiencing strong growth due to the increased demand for remote communication services during the pandemic. Twilio’s unique position in the market and its ability to drive innovation make it a promising investment option.

The article then discusses MercadoLibre, a leading e-commerce platform in Latin America that benefits from the region’s growing digital economy. With a vast market opportunity and a strong competitive advantage, MercadoLibre has the potential to deliver substantial returns.

Another promising stock pick is Okta, a cloud security company that offers identity and access management solutions. As organizations increasingly shift to remote work environments, the need for robust cybersecurity measures becomes paramount, and Okta is at the forefront of meeting this demand.

The article also highlights Altair Engineering, a software company that specializes in simulation and analytics solutions. With the growing demand for simulation software in various industries, Altair’s cutting-edge technology and expertise position it for continued success.

Furthermore, the author mentions MarketAxess Holdings, an electronic trading platform for fixed-income securities. The company’s innovative approach to trading bonds has gained significant traction, and with the increasing digitization of financial services, MarketAxess is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend.

Next, the article includes WageWorks, a leading provider of consumer-directed benefits solutions. As employers increasingly offer flexible benefits options to attract and retain talent, WageWorks’ services play a crucial role in managing these benefits effectively.

Lastly, the article highlights Masimo Corporation, a medical technology company specializing in noninvasive patient monitoring devices. With an extensive range of innovative products, Masimo has experienced steady growth and is well-positioned to benefit from the ongoing demand for improved healthcare technology.

In conclusion, these relatively unknown stock picks are characterized as “best-of-breed bisons” due to their dominant positions in their industries and potential for future growth. From cloud communications to e-commerce, cybersecurity, simulation software, electronic trading, benefits solutions, and medical technology, these companies operate in sectors with significant market opportunities and promising outlooks.

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