Home Finance News Analyst Warns of Risk for Bitcoin and Crypto Prices at FOMC Meeting.

Analyst Warns of Risk for Bitcoin and Crypto Prices at FOMC Meeting.

Analyst Warns of Risk for Bitcoin and Crypto Prices at FOMC Meeting.

CoinDesk, an award-winning media outlet covering the cryptocurrency industry, recently came under new ownership in November 2023 when it was acquired by the Bullish group, a regulated digital assets exchange. The Bullish group is majority-owned by Block.one, with both companies holding interests in various blockchain and digital asset businesses, as well as significant holdings of digital assets like bitcoin. Despite the acquisition, CoinDesk continues to operate as an independent subsidiary with an editorial committee in place to safeguard journalistic independence. Additionally, employees, including journalists, may receive options in the Bullish group as part of their compensation.

Under the new ownership, CoinDesk remains committed to upholding a strict set of editorial policies that guide its journalists in delivering trustworthy and accurate reporting on the cryptocurrency industry. The acquisition by the Bullish group aligns with its mission to expand its presence and offerings within the growing digital assets space. By maintaining independence through an editorial committee and preserving the journalistic integrity of its employees, CoinDesk aims to continue providing valuable insights and analysis to its audience amidst the evolving landscape of blockchain and digital assets.

The acquisition of CoinDesk by the Bullish group signifies a strategic move in the cryptocurrency industry, bringing together two entities with shared interests in blockchain technology and digital assets. With the backing of Block.one and access to significant digital asset holdings, CoinDesk is positioned to enhance its coverage and strengthen its position as a leading source of information in the sector. As the industry continues to evolve, the collaboration between CoinDesk and the Bullish group holds the potential to drive innovation and inform discussions around the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

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