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Blockchain Expert’s Reason for Holding XRP: A Concise Explanation


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Blockchain consultant and financial technology expert Panos Mekras has invested in XRP, citing its promising potential and efficient underlying technology as the reasons. Mekras, the Founder of DigitalGen Financial Services and Co-Founder of Anodos Finance, holds XRP due to the numerous developers and projects innovating within the ecosystem, rather than Ripple’s developments or announcements. He engaged in a discussion about whether to invest in Ripple’s potential IPO or in XRP tokens, presenting two distinct avenues for investment. The first option is to invest in Ripple’s potential IPO for those who have greater confidence in the company, while the second option is to invest in XRP tokens for those who see more value in the XRP Ledger (XRPL).

Mekras believes that XRP has much bigger expected returns compared to Ripple’s stock. He stated that the XRP Ledger has the potential to attract thousands of companies and millions of users, making it a more expansive investment opportunity than Ripple, which is a single company. However, he advised those leaning more toward Ripple and its business model to allocate a larger portion of their investment to Ripple’s stock. Ripple has been considering going public through an IPO after resolving its legal battle with the SEC. The company uses XRP to facilitate faster and more economical international payments by converting traditional currency into XRP and back into fiat.

Overall, Mekras sees promising potential in XRP due to its efficient technology, the innovations within the ecosystem, and the expansive investment opportunities provided by the XRP Ledger.

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