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Bloomberg’s Live Updates: Stock Market Today, Aug. 24 – Dow, S&P Report


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The stock market experienced mixed results on August 24, with the Dow and S&P indexes showing varying trends. Tech stocks rallied while yields dropped ahead of Nvidia’s earnings report. After-hours trading saw several stocks, including Nvidia, Splunk, Autodesk, and Guess, make significant moves. The NASDAQ index achieved a modest gain, while the Dow industrial average and S&P index closed lower. The uncertain economic climate continues to impact the stock market, as investors closely monitor the performance of different sectors.

Tech stocks were a highlight of the day as they rallied, with investors showing positive sentiment towards companies like Nvidia. This upward momentum was fueled by anticipation for Nvidia’s earnings report, bringing optimism to the tech sector. Simultaneously, yields in the market dropped, indicating a shift towards safer investments.

In after-hours trading, several stocks made notable movements. Nvidia, a leading technology company, Splunk, a software solutions provider, Autodesk, a software company, and Guess, a fashion retailer, all experienced significant shifts. These moves indicate the potential impact that quarterly reports and other market events can have on individual stocks.

While the NASDAQ index managed a modest gain, the Dow industrial average and S&P index closed lower. This further demonstrates the mixed results experienced in the stock market on August 24. The ongoing uncertainty surrounding the global economy and various geopolitical factors continue to influence investor behavior, causing volatility in different sectors. Traders and investors are closely monitoring market fluctuations and company performances to make informed decisions in this unstable climate.

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