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Cramer’s Lightning Round: Caterpillar Rated as a Buy in Under 13 Words


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In this news article, “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer provides quick stock analysis and advice to callers. He starts by discussing Caterpillar, a company whose stock is not priced for significant growth at the moment. However, Cramer believes that with the anticipated infrastructure investments, 2024 could be a good year for the company, and he advises investors to buy. Moving on to Abercrombie, Cramer acknowledges that he has been hesitant about the company due to concerns about its apparel for a specific age group. However, he suggests that Abercrombie is a winner and praises its CEO Fran Horowitz’s intelligence.

Next, Cramer discusses Exxon, stating that he continues to be bullish on the stock. He believes that Exxon has room to grow and is performing well as a company. On the other hand, Cramer considers Ardelyx a speculative stock and advises against investing in it. He concludes by mentioning American Water, a company that he believes is caught up in the challenges posed by higher rates but still considers it a good company. Finally, he dismisses Fubo as too speculative and urges callers not to invest in it.

In summary, Jim Cramer shares his thoughts on various stocks, urging investors to buy Caterpillar due to the expected infrastructure investments. He also highlights Abercrombie as a winner and praises its CEO, Fran Horowitz. Cramer expresses his optimism about Exxon’s future growth and advises against investing in Ardelyx and Fubo. Despite some challenges, he still sees potential in American Water as a good company.

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