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FX option expiries on 27 September New York cut at 10am limited to 13 words.


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The article highlights two significant levels to watch in the currency market. The first level is for EUR/USD near 1.0600, which has been a key level in recent days. This level is expected to act as a resistance and limit any upward movement in the price. Sellers still dominate the market, so any offers at this level will further keep the price below 1.0600.

Another important level mentioned in the article is 0.5945 for NZD/USD. This level is expected to attract price action and act as a magnet for the pair today. However, the significance of this level is doubtful, as it may not hold up if there is a sell-off in risk sentiment later on. In such a scenario, the pair may struggle to maintain its position near 0.5945.

For more detailed information on utilizing the data mentioned in the article, readers are directed to a post that provides guidance on option contracts and their impact on trading.

In summary, the article highlights key levels in the currency market, with EUR/USD near 1.0600 acting as a resistance and NZD/USD at 0.5945 attracting attention. However, the significance of these levels may be limited, and sellers continue to dominate the market. Additionally, readers are encouraged to refer to a related post for further insights on utilizing the data discussed.

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