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Monero’s Market Drops 32% as Binance Delists, Sparking XMR Turbulence – News


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The market for the cryptocurrency Monero has experienced a significant drop of 32% following the announcement by the exchange Binance that it will be delisting the coin. This move has sparked turbulence for Monero, which has also seen its value plummet by 20%. Binance’s decision to remove Monero is part of a broader effort to delist certain cryptocurrencies, affecting not only Monero but also other major altcoins.

This development has raised concerns about the future prospects of Monero and other altcoins, as the move by Binance could potentially impact their market value and overall stability. The delisting of Monero by Binance has contributed to a significant decrease in its market value, leading to a 32% drop. Additionally, the impact of this decision on the broader cryptocurrency market remains to be seen, as the move has sent shockwaves through the industry, causing instability and uncertainty for investors and traders.

The news of Binance’s decision to delist Monero has sent ripples through the cryptocurrency market, causing not only a significant decrease in Monero’s value, but also impacting other cryptocurrencies. The move by Binance has raised concerns about the future performance and stability of Monero and other altcoins, prompting uncertainty among investors and traders. The delisting announcement has contributed to a volatile market for Monero, with the coin experiencing a 32% decline in its market value.

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