Home Finance News Shibarium Sets Relaunch with Thrilling Update by SHIB Team Member

Shibarium Sets Relaunch with Thrilling Update by SHIB Team Member

Shibarium Sets Relaunch with Thrilling Update by SHIB Team Member

Exciting news has been revealed by a member of the SHIB team, as Shibarium prepares to embark on a new journey. The official Shiba Inu team member, Lucie, shared an update on the status of Shibarium via a tweet. Lucie informed followers that Shiba Inu Layer 2 is now live and operating smoothly in private mode. The next step for the team is to make Shibarium public. It was also mentioned that some members have already received their bridged BONE, and reassurances were given regarding the security of everyone’s funds. Shibarium had previously paused its operations shortly after its initial launch due to overwhelming user demand, prompting the team to scale its operations and conduct thorough testing on the network.

According to the latest update shared by the leader of Shiba Inu, Shytoshi Kusama, Shibarium has undergone significant enhancements and optimizations after days of testing and parameter adjustments. New features, such as a monitoring system and additional fail-safes including rate limiting and auto server reset, have been implemented. Kusama also hinted at additional validators going live and a forthcoming test wrap-up before Shibarium is relaunched to the public.

In addition to the progress on Shibarium, the beta testnet explorer for Shibarium, called Puppyscan, has received a new look. Lucie shared the update on Twitter, highlighting the new features that have been added. These enhancements aim to better serve the community and include a new metric called “Gas Tracker,” a prominent search bar, and a graphical display of daily transactions. As Shibarium continues its testing phase, Puppyscan statistics show a total of 36,758,800 transactions on the “Puppynet” testnet, with 2,208,298 total blocks, 17,070,222 wallet addresses, and a gas tracker reading of 1.03 Gwei. The daily transactions are recorded at 168,800.

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