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Tuesdays’s stock market shows promising signs for future gains with special performance.


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The recent rally in U.S. stocks on Tuesday was historic in its breadth and depth, with almost 94% of all stocks on the New York Stock Exchange increasing in value. This broad-based surge, known as a “90% up day,” is a rare occurrence and has historically signaled continued rallies in the market. Bank of America technical research strategist Stephen Suttmeier noted that this bullish breadth day indicates that the rally in U.S. equities that began in late October may continue, especially after a similar signal on November 3rd.

Looking at 86 prior incidents of such broad-based advances in stocks, BofA found that while the median return for the S & P 500 the next day was a modest -0.05%, the index typically saw significant gains in the following days. Ten days later, the median return was 1.44%, and after 30 days, the index was usually ahead by a median of 3.28%. After 65 days, median returns were even better, with the benchmark index surging another 6.21% from the original “90% up day.” However, it’s important to remember that nothing in the market is certain, and returns can be unpredictable.

In conclusion, the widespread increase in stock prices on Tuesday signals potential for further market gains in the coming days and weeks. The historical data suggests that after a “90% up day,” the market typically experiences continued growth, with significant median returns in the short to medium term. Yet, it’s essential to remain cautious, as market returns can vary widely and are not guaranteed.

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