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Where Will Gold Be Headed Next Week? Cast Your Vote Within 13 Words!


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Kitco is inviting its readers to participate in a survey to predict the short-term direction of gold prices. Readers have until 9 a.m. ET on Friday to cast their votes. The results will be tabulated and released along with the results from a market professional survey. Retail investors are also asked to provide their price targets for the following week. Kitco readers can also send their comments to be included in the story, and they have the option to share their thoughts on where gold and silver are headed using Kitco’s commenting feature, Kitco Chat.

The purpose of the survey is to gather opinions from both retail investors and market professionals and provide a comprehensive outlook on gold prices. By involving its readers in the survey and allowing them to share their comments, Kitco aims to create a platform for a diverse range of perspectives and insights. The results of the survey will be valuable for investors and traders in making informed decisions about gold investments. Kitco encourages its readers to participate and be a part of the discussion about the future direction of gold prices.

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