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Why Bitcoin miners sell BTC and why it’s no longer capitulation: 3 reasons.


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Bitcoin miners sending their block rewards to exchanges has often been seen as a sign of pending sell pressure on Bitcoin’s price. However, during last week’s Bitmain World Digital Mining Summit in Hong Kong, publicly listed Bitcoin miners challenged this interpretation. Executives from Core Scientific, CleanSpark, Iris Energy, and TeraWulf revealed that their companies actually sell a majority of the Bitcoin they mine. They explained that their business model focuses on generating shareholder value and driving profitability, rather than simply holding onto the asset. This approach is seen as a way to meet their capital needs and fuel growth plans.

The miners’ strategy of selling their Bitcoin is a departure from the traditional sentiment analysis that views such action as a sign of distress or capitulation. They argue that during the bull market, there was no urgency to sell as profit margins were high. However, the challenging capital markets in recent years have made it necessary for them to monetize the Bitcoin they produce. These miners believe that their approach of selling Bitcoin aligns with their growth plans and capital requirements, rather than indicating any financial trouble.

The panelists at the summit also highlighted the need for strategic decision-making when it comes to managing mined Bitcoin. Factors like hedging, covered calls, and treasury plans all play a role in optimizing the value generated from the asset. They emphasized that being an analyst in the crypto space is a difficult task, as historical measures might not be applicable in the current market conditions. Ultimately, the publicly listed miners stressed the importance of driving efficiency, exploring financial innovations, and making strategic decisions with their Bitcoin holdings to ensure long-term profitability and shareholder value.

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