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Canada Wildfires: Smoke Set to Return to New York on Map

Canada Wildfires: Smoke Set to Return to New York on Map

Smoke from wildfires in Canada is expected to reach New York and other Northeastern states, impacting air quality. The smoke is projected to arrive in New York City on Monday morning, causing a visible haze. Although the impacts are expected to be mild, officials are urging residents, especially those with pre-existing health conditions, to take necessary precautions to stay safe. As of Monday morning, air quality in several cities, including Providence, Boston, Philadelphia, Newark, Detroit, and Indianapolis, was considered moderate according to AirNow, a government air quality tracker.

The smoke haze is the result of numerous wildfires burning uncontrolled in Canada. The country has experienced a higher than average number of blazes this year, with nearly 500 fires consuming around 6,496 hectares of land. In New York, the air quality on Monday is forecasted to reach a moderate level of 55 on the Air Quality Index, which could still have effects on individuals sensitive to air pollution. However, no health advisories were expected, and the smoke may only be visible at high altitudes.

On Sunday, southern New England was already affected by a smoke plume, causing unhealthy levels of air quality. The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management reported the presence of white haze and particulate matter, emphasizing the need for caution. Overall, officials will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as necessary.

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